Management Team

Dino Taurasi, President – Development & Operations

Dino has over 20 years’ experience in building across the GTA. From low-rise developments to custom homes and beyond, Dino’s experience has been instrumental in the development and emergence of the Stateview Homes group of companies’ recognition as a true builder of distinction and quality.

Carlo Taurasi, CEO – Land Acquisition & Director of Construction

Carlo has played an instrumental role in leading Stateview Homes into the respected and admired company it is today. Carlo’s 15 years of experience in all facets of the building process coupled with his education in architectural design has led to some truly unique and innovative projects and a strong vision for where Stateview Homes is headed into the future.

Daniel Ciccone, CFO – Financing & Project Oversight

Daniel makes the company work like a well-oiled machine thanks to his fiscal responsibility and his collaborative skills. His many years of education in business & managerial accounting keep the company in the black and headed in a positive growth direction.

Julian Uccello – Director of Operations & Sales

Julian’s customer first philosophy has brought a high level of service and attention to detail in every aspect of what Stateview Homes does. His approach has resulted in a streamlined operation that runs effectively, efficiently and in-line with corporate strategies and objectives. All the while making customer satisfaction the number one priority.

Melissa Taurasi – Décor Specialist

Melissa’s flair for all things design has made her one of the most sought after design specialists in the GTA. From paint and wall coverings to coffered ceilings and high quality flooring, Melissa’s influence is felt in each and every home Stateview builds.

Alessia Tonietto – Decor and Construction Coordinator

As a graduate of Interior Decorating and an accredited member of the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA), her proficiency in AutoCAD and Adobe Systems can turn your vision of your dream home into a reality. Alessia is personally drawn to creating warm interiors with contemporary finishes and an abundance of texture, while always understanding the reality of good design and family life. Whether a Condo, Townhouse or Home, her acute attention to detail creates spaces that ultimately bring people together.

Carnell Israel – Site & Safety Manager

Carnell brings 15 years of experience, and 4 years of construction management education to his role as Site and Safety Manager for Stateview Homes. His conscientious and methodical approach to his job means a safer, more efficient workplace that attracts an elite group of construction professionals to each and every Stateview project.

Vincent Enthat, B.Comm, CPA, CGA, PMP – ACCOUNTANT

A Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant and Project Management Professional with extensive Canadian and international experience in Fortune 500 global corporations and Not-For-Profit Organizations, with a focus in the corporate real estate development and management sector. Strong practical background experience and interest in project management accounting and reporting.

Natasha Anderson – Customer Service Coordinator

Natasha plays a vital role as a key contact point between Stateview Homes and the homeowners during the Pre-Delivery Inspection period and to ensure that customer care standards are met and exceeded proactively, during the warranty period. She also coordinates with our service teams, managing and scheduling of customer care appointments to make sure all work meets quality standards and timelines while delivering optimal customer service.

Two men shaking hands over a Stateview Homes hardhat