Jan 5, 2023

2023 Colour of the Year

Have you been feeling a little drained? Perhaps daydreaming of something warmer to come your way? Do you need something to help create a spark on the dreary grey winter days? Well… Look no further than Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Colour of the Year: RASPBERRY BLUSH (2008-30).

Images courtesy of Benjamin Moore

“There is a lot of potential for this colour and its vibrant effect on your home” says Nadia Rossini, Décor Specialist at StateView Homes’ Inspiration Gallery.

Nadia describes Raspberry Blush as “a saturated reddish orange with tones of coral and pink— very warm, vivacious, and bold”.  When asked about this year’s selection Nadia said she wasn’t surprised that a bold colour like this was chosen. “I can already see the trends moving toward bold colours again”.

She isn’t alone in that assessment as Andrea Magno, Colour Marketing & Development Director at Benjamin Moore states, “People are ready to bring colour back into the home, taking a step outside their colour comfort zones”.

For this expressive colour of the year, if you prefer warm tones and want to stay away from the cooler side of the colour spectrum, certain combinations will certainly make you feel more comfortable.

Nadia recommends, “pairing Raspberry Blush with neutral tones like White Heron (OC-57) or Gray Owl (OC-52), and accenting it with something dark, like Onyx (2133-10)”.

However, because of how bold Raspberry Blush really is, chances are you may not be using it for an entire room. So Nadia suggests using it on an accent wall, a powder room or even a dining room if you see fit! Accessorizing with its touch of brightness will surely bring joy, confidence and creativity to your life.

So for 2023, embrace Raspberry Blush’s unapologetic boldness, try something new, add some colour and make a statement in your home!