Dec 28, 2022

Enjoy Home Ice Advantage with a Backyard Skating Rink!

Whether you’re a hockey fan or just love being able to lace them up for some pleasure skating, there’s nothing better than simply stepping out onto your very own backyard skating rink. Here’s a quick step by step to get you on the ice this winter!

Supplies and Tools Required

  • 2x10x10 treated lumber
  • 5” metal angle
  • Deck screws
  • Heavy duty tarp (optional)
  • Water Hose
  • Garden Rake
  • Power drill
  • String lights (optional)


To guide rainwater away, most of the yards have a little slope, so you need to find the most level spot in your yard. Find a location where the slope is no more than a few inches (less than 6 inches is recommended by manufacturers).


Next, build the border around the rink area using 2”x10”x10” treated boards. Secure them in place with 5” metal angle brackets on the corners. For added support, hammer some wooden stakes into the ground around the perimeter of the frame.

If you want to purchase a large tarp to use as the base of your rink, skip ahead to step 5.


Create a 1–2-inch base of packed snow to act as a barrier between the grass and the ice. Spread the snow over the rink area, and rake it into a smooth layer, 1 to 2 inches thick.


Spray your snow base lightly with water several times; letting it to freeze after each application. Proceed to step 6.


Place your tarp inside the rink. Your tarp should be large enough to hang over the edge of your frame.


At this time your rink ink can be flooded. Let it freeze for 2-3 consecutive days, ensuring that the temperature doesn’t go above freezing. If you used a tarp, you can staple the tarp to the top of the frame and trim off any excess.


To maintain the chipped racked ice, use the water-snow slush mix as a filler to fill the holes and cracks, then allow it to freeze and flood the rink again.

TIP! Hang some outdoor lights for a more festive look and extend your skating time after sunset!