Apr 21, 2023

Celebrating Earth Day in HARMONY

When it comes to buying a new home, most people think about the aesthetics, size, and location. But what about the environmental impact? This Earth Day, we’re shining a spotlight on StateView Homes’ HARMONY Package, a specially curated set of features and finishes that prioritize sustainability, energy efficiency, and ethical sourcing of materials. With HARMONY, you’ll not only save money on your utility bills but also reduce your carbon footprint and promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Best of all? Our HARMONY Package comes standard on all homes we build. 

StateView’s Harmony Package comes standard on all homes built.

Energy-Saving Features 

The most significant aspect of our HARMONY Package is its focus on energy efficiency. StateView uses a range of insulation materials to ensure all our homes meet EnergyStar® guidelines. This means R-22 + 5 insulation on exterior walls, R-60 in the attic, and R-31 expanding foam insulation to all garage ceilings with finished areas above. To maximize energy savings, EnergyStar® qualified Low E argon windows, skylights, and glass sliding/French doors (as per plan) are also used. 

Other energy-saving features include a 96% high-efficiency forced-air natural gas condensing furnace, EnergyStar® qualified condensing domestic hot water tank (rental unit), and a centrally located smart thermostat on the main floor. All main trunk ducts, including basements for supply and return, and panned joists are taped for added heating and cooling efficiency.

Forget to adjust the heating or cooling? A smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature remotely.

Additionally, LED light bulbs are used wherever applicable to help conserve energy and lower energy bills. Although the concepts may seem complex and technical, the use of these materials and construction methods is essential to ensure energy efficiency and savings in your home. 

LED bulbs use significantly less energy and last much longer than traditional bulbs.

Water Conservation 

The HARMONY Package also prioritizes water conservation. StateView Homes uses low-flow toilets and eco-performance faucets and shower-heads in all bathrooms to enhance water conservation. On average, a family of four can save up to 60,000 litres of water per year using low-flow toilets, and an additional 38,000 litres using eco-performance faucets. This significant reduction in water usage not only saves you money on your water bills but also helps reduce the impact on the environment. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Another essential feature of our HARMONY Package is the inclusion of an HRV System (Heat Recovery Ventilator), which delivers fresh, purified air throughout the home and eliminates contaminants. This is especially beneficial for individuals with allergies and a sensitivity to dust.

HRV’s can also help reduce your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by preheating or pre-cooling the incoming fresh air.

Low VOC paint is also used, reducing harmful indoor pollutants and improving indoor air quality for you and your family. 

Improve your homes indoor air quality by reducing the buildup of pollutants such as dust, mold and VOCs with the included HRV.

Environmental Preservation and Waste Reduction 

StateView Homes is committed to preserving the environment by using recycled materials throughout the building process. Onsite, the company strives to support lumber and drywall recycling, and the reuse of materials such as temporary stairs and railings where applicable during construction. This not only reduces waste but also reduces the environmental impact of our construction process. 

With our HARMONY Package, StateView Homes is committing to sustainable and energy-efficient homebuilding. By focusing on features that save water and energy, promote indoor air quality, and reduce waste, StateView is providing a higher environmental standard that benefits homeowners and future generations alike. With HARMONY, you can enjoy a comfortable, eco-friendly home that will not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint. It’s time to join the green revolution and invest in a sustainable future with HARMONY!