You're Never Out of Moves at Queen's Court!

What Moves You? Is it arts? Sports? Golf? Travel? Whatever moves you, you're never far from it at Queen's Court. Whether its nearby Lionhead Golf Club, the Cassie Campbell Community Centre, the Rose Theatre, Bramalea City Centre, GO Transit or Pearson Airport, be connected to what moves you in 20 minutes or less!

Plus, getting around the city, or out of it has never been easier! With the Mount Pleasant GO station a few minutes away, access to highways 407 and 401 down the road, and Pearson International Airport just 20 minutes away!

Eldorado Park
4 minutes away
Cassie Campbell Community Centre
10 min away
ZUM Transit
Stops on Queen St. W. at your door!
Lionhead Golf Club
3 minutes away
Bramalea City Centre
15 minutes away