Oct 6, 2022

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

As summer comes to a close, it is time to start prepping your home for the cooler fall weather. Here are some quick tips from StateView Homes to make sure your home is ready for the change in the seasons:

  • Turn on gas furnace pilot light (if applicable) and set the thermostat to “heat”. Test the furnace for proper operation by slowly increasing the thermostat setting until the furnace turns on. Once you have confirmed proper operation, you can return the thermostat to your desired temperature.
  • Ensure your furnace or heating system is in proper working condition by getting it serviced by a qualified service company. Gas furnaces should be serviced every two years.
  • Inspect and clean or replace your furnace air filters every month during the fall and winter. Heat recovery ventilator filters should be checked every two months.
  • Inspect ductwork leading to and from the heat recovery ventilator to the joints are tightly sealed and that duct insulation and plastic duct wrap has no tears or holes.
  • If the heat recovery ventilator has been shut off for the summer, clean the filters and the core, and pour water down the condensate drain to test it.
  • Check chimneys for obstructions such as nests.
  • Remove interior insect screens from windows to allow air from the heating system to keep condensation off window glass and to allow more free solar energy into your home.
  • Ensure windows, doors and skylights close tightly and repair or replace any damaged weatherstripping you may find.
  • Turn off power to your outdoor air conditioner and cover it for the season.
  • Inspect the perimeter of you home to ensure the ground slopes away from your foundation wall.
  • Clean any debris from your eavestroughs and roof, and test downspouts to ensure proper drainage.
  • Shut off the interior valve to all exterior hose connections, then drain, disconnect and store any outdoor hoses.
  • Store outdoor furniture, and  your prepare garden by protecting any young trees or bushes for winter.