Mar 18, 2021

From Soccer Star to MS to VP Operations at StateView Homes, Julian Uccello is Inspirational!

Julian Uccello, an incredible soccer player back in the day, also suffers from MS – a disease that cut his professional soccer career short. Today, Julian is VP of Operations at StateView Homes and also coaches children in his favourite sport. As coach of the Under Fifteen Woodbridge Strikers, Julian is a deeply valued coach, placing his emphasis on the development of maturity and attitude. The Woodbridge Strikers, under Julian’s direction, reached number two nationally, winning the Charity Shield, one of Ontario’s most prestigious cups. Julian compares today’s challenges with those in his day – stating that the kids of today have many more distractions which makes it more difficult for them to focus and “buy into” the championship mentality.

In an interview with Jim Lang, Morning Drive Host on 105.9FM (previously with Sportsnet590 and TSN), Julian discusses his career as an elite level soccer player, playing for some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, including AC Milan and Savona. With over 300 pro games, Julian amassed 150 goals.  Sadly, MS cut those dreams short.

March is MS Awareness Month. When asked “what can people do to help?” Julian described MS as an illness that there’s no cure for – it progresses over time. There’s a lack of research because the funds aren’t there. Julian is a lead Ambassador for MS4MS, an organization that supports Johns Hopkins Hospital – one of the biggest MS research hospitals in the world. MS4MS is an organization whose mission is to raise awareness of MS at all sports stadiums while raising funds directly for families with MS and for the advancement of research in hopes of finding a cure.

MS doesn’t have the popularity of other diseases like Parkinson’s or Cancer – because it is lesser known. Yet over two million people worldwide suffer from it. One of the fallouts of MS is depression. Reaching out to MS sufferers and lending your support is an important step in helping. Raising much needed money is also important. 

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