Aug 2, 2022

StateView now including hurricane straps

Having just passed the anniversary date of the EF-2 tornado that ripped across Barrie in July of 2021, StateView Homes is proud to be implementing an industry first in Ontario, by including hurricane straps on all homes built at our BEA Towns and Hampton Heights developments in Barrie.

“It was initially a discussion we had with Barrie Councillor Natalie Harris,” said Nicole Sampogna, Director of Planning and Development at StateView Homes, “We brought it back to our construction team, sat down and talked about it and thought it was a good investment for our homeowners moving forward.”

(VIDEO) CTV Barrie recently spoke with StateView Homes about our decision to include hurricane straps in our Barrie developments.

During high-wind events, the increased airflow builds up under roof overhangs. “This pressure increases inside the attic, making the roof wants to life off the structure,” explained Tony Taurasi, StateView Homes’ Director of Construction. “What these hurricane clips do is actually mechanically fasten the roof to the load-baring walls, keeping the roof from being ripped off.”

Example of hurricane straps installed on roof trusses.

Taurasi also added, “The cost of the straps ranges from $1.50 to $5 per strap, plus the cost of installation. So it is a minimal cost to add these, but an incredible benefit to homeowners.”

While not part of the Ontario Building Code currently, the City of Barrie submitted proposed changes to the province in May, including the addition of hurricane straps and other connection points within the walls down to the foundation.

EF-2 tornadoes are powerful storms with wind speeds anywhere from 180 to 220 km/h. The EF-2 tornado that tore through Barrie on the afternoon of July 15th had speeds around 210km/h. It left a 12km long trail of destruction, damaged 110 homes and left 71 homes deemed unsafe to live in.

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