StateView's Package is a specially designed set of Features and Finishes meant to save water and energy and includes sustainable, ethically sourced materials while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

StateView believes in providing a happier, healthier home for you and your family, built in a way that will also benefit future generations.

Our Harmony Program ensures our homes are built to a higher environmental standard, helping you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and have a home you can comfortably raise your family in.

  • 1Energy Saving Features

    · For economical heating, the home will be insulated in accordance with EnergyStar® guidelines, which exceed the current Ontario Building Code specifications with R-22 + 5 insulation on exterior walls, R-60 in attic and R-31 expanding foam insulation to all garage ceilings with finished areas above
    · EnergyStar® qualified Low E argon windows, skylights and glass sliding/French doors (as per plan)
    · All bathrooms (with or without windows) have exhaust fan (EnergyStar® qualified) vented to the outside
    · 96% High efficiency forced air Natural Gas Condensing furnace
    · EnergyStar® qualified condensing domestic hot water tank (rental unit)
    · All main trunk ducts, including basements for supply and return and panned joists to be taped, for added heating and cooling efficiency
    · Centrally located EnergyStar® qualified smart thermostat on main floor
    · LED light bulbs where applicable to help conserve energy and lower energy bills

  • 2Water Conservation

    · Low-flow toilets and eco-performance faucets and shower heads in all baths to enhance water conservation.

  • 3Improved Indoor Air Quality

    · HRV System (Heat Recovery Ventilator) delivering fresh, purified air throughout the home and eliminating contaminants
    · Low VOC paint that reduces harmful indoor pollutants

  • 4Environmental Preservation

    · The use of recycled material throughout the building process

  • 5Waste Reduction

    · Onsite StateView endeavours to enact lumber and drywall recycling, and the reuse of materials such as temporary stairs and railings where application during construction

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